A simple timeclock to quickly punch in and out.

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A cloud timeclock program that is simple and straightforward to use. Either track hours worked or log time against a job.

Easily manage your data in the portal

A screenshot of the portal's people management page.

Export the calculated data in the format of your choice or even straight into your favourite payroll program.

Watch the demo to see what else it can do

Time can be logged against a job or task, keep track of materials used and record notes if something out of the ordinary happens. Everything can be associated to a Cost Code so you can export the data into your accounting software.

Timeclock dot Kiwi is designed to be as cost efficient as possible.

Free trial for 3 months 3.5 USD per month per Kiosk

We know that it can take time to implement a new system, that is why we give such a long free trial. And at a cost of 42 USD per kiosk per year it costs only a fraction of any other solution!

Download the Kiosk app (coming soon)

The Kiosk works best when run as an app, with app only features such as keeping the screen on whilst it is plugged in and full screen mode.

Based in Dunedin, New Zealand, our team has experience working in industrial and commercial settings, from small businesses with less than 20 employees to large groups that supply most of Oceania. We have a passion for making tools that are simple to use, flexible and can be integrated into your workflow.

Founders and directors

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Loic Joachim

Founder and Managing Director
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Cameron Hill

Founder and Chief Product Engineer

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Reach out to us and we will do our best to make our bundy clock employee attendance system work for you.